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We have no kittens available at this moment A next litter is planned for the spring.

To reserve a kitten send us an inquiry.

Why is it so hard to get a Russian Blue?

Do not expect to find a purebred  Russian Blue kitten for  cheap. There are many SCAM on internet. Choose reputable breeder, ask for recommendations, check for registration papers


We DO NOT ship kittens by cargo.

(If you are in another province or country you need to fly to pick up your kitten in Toronto. Pets can pass the US border)



Purebred kittens are not cheap.

What makes up the cost of a kitten?

Why are there "the same" kittens being offered for much cheaper?

1. QUALITY KEEPING of breeding cats
This includes:
• proper nutrition
• routine veterinary observation
• maintaining hygiene and cleanliness
• grooming

Each breeding cat must confirm their breeding quality at a cat show, having received expert approval (just consider the fees when driving/flying to another city for a show: airplane, hotel, show fee, cat sitter for the cattery when we are away). We show with three associations: CCA (Canada association), CFA (the US shows - couple of CFA judges can correctly evaluate our breed) and TICA (international association that includes European judges and breeders)

3. Purchasing of new

Prices can reach $6000 or more when it is necessary to fly to pick them up. It must be taken into account that if one do not show cats and/or do not have a good reputation, a good cat will not be sold to you for breeding.

4. We have very small litters. There are approximately 3 kitten in a litter. A breeding cat usually has three litters in two years. 

5. And, in fact, raising the kittens themselves ... It's not even about proper food, vaccinations, veterinarian and other costs ...

Things to consider:

• provide some of their housing for animals
• sleepless nights when a cat is in a labor
• hourly feeding of kittens who are gaining weight poorly
• checking whether a cesarean delivery is needed
• tears over those who “failed”

Like many responsible breeders, we put our souls into each of our kittens. 
When a piece of my soul is in them, it's expensive.

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