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The Russian Blue



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Are they Hypoallergenic?

Most of what you will read on the internet about Hypoallergenic Russian Blue breed refers to the Fel D1 protein, but there are other seven unexplored proteins which can cause people to have an allergic reaction. They are far less common, but they exist nonetheless.

Fel D1, concentrated largely in cat saliva, is thought to be the major allergen responsible for human immune hyper-reactivity.

 Please read this paper in the Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology , regarding cat allergies:

If you or your children have an allergy, please do not take it lightly. 

  You may experience symptoms and may have to return your kitten after your family has become attached to the kitten and the kitten to you.

Because we want permanent homes for our Russians, we will consider homes where one or more adult family member has cat allergies ONLY if they are willing to take the necessary precautions and medications if needed.


 The Russian Blue is a short-haired breed with a plushy, silver-blue coat. They have slightly upturned mouths, giving them their very distinct smiling expressions. These cats get along quite well with children and with other pets, developing loyal bonds to their loved ones.

Life with a Russian blue is like having a tiny pappy that uses a litter box. They are very much people oriented cats. They need to be in your arms, sleeping on your lap or watching you work. Many enjoy interrupting you to inform who you should be petting and loving by rubbing their face on yours, jumping on your shoulders, meowing  gently until you pick them up and even reaching up on your legs to ask you to hold them. They love cuddling with their human as well as being very spirited and playful. 



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