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Please note that in addition to the full-cost photo session (7-10 photos), we are also offering a greatly reduced price for the purchase of just 1-2 photos to increase affordability and make this service accessible to all.  


An additional $10 (charged when ordering many photos) is taken to cover the editing/processing of your photos, which can sometimes be a longer task than the photography session itself.


Cats should come to photoshoots cleaned and brushed. Please bring a cat's favorite toy.


Digital products:

Package 1 - $120 CAD  one photo and $10 per additional photo
Package 2 - 150 CAD or 110 USD  includes 5 photos
Package 3 - $200 includes 10 photos


Prints on cardstock:

12"x18"                              - additional $20 per photo

12"x18" collage                   - additional $50 per photo

24"x36" matte / gloss         - additional $100 per photo

→ Printed products are mailed via Canada Post (client responsible for shipping fee), or can be picked up at one of our next cat shows.


Any major corrections of your photos can be done for an additional fee.

​Cats should come to photoshoots cleaned and brushed. Please bring your cat's favorite toy if possible.

*All prices are in CAD (~0.80 USD)

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