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Please note that in addition to the full-cost photo session (7-10 photos), we are also offering a greatly reduced price for the purchase of just 1-2 photos to increase affordability and make this service accessible to all.  


An additional $10 (charged when ordering many photos) is taken to cover the editing/processing of your photos, which can sometimes be a longer task than the photography session itself.


Cats should come to photoshoots cleaned and brushed.

PET EXPO special:

Website purpose:
Package 1 - $60 one photo and $10 per additional photo
Package 2 - $90 includes 5 photos
Package 3 - $125 includes 10 photos

Social media and 5"x7" printing using:
Package 4 - $80 one photo and $10 per additional photo
Package 5 - $110 includes 5 photos
Package 6 - $150 includes 10 photos

*All serious corrections of your photo can be done for an additional fee.

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